GoDaddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad Teaser Video Released

Monday, January 21, 2013

For the third year in a row, Go Daddy is teaming up with the .CO domain to create a 2013 Super Bowl commercial aimed at anyone who has ever thought about starting their own business.

The 30-second Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 ad featuring Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick, but that's about all either company has revealed about the commercial at this point.

Now though a new teaser video for the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2013 .co ad has been released. Danica Patrick is taking off as sexy flight captain. Watch the teaser video below.

.CO is one of the fastest-growing domain name extensions on the Internet and is a commonly referenced abbreviation for 'company.'
Like Go Daddy, .CO is intently focused on helping small businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams online.

"It's a fun story to tell, the trick is to do it in thirty seconds," said Juan Diego Calle, CEO and Founder of .CO Internet S.A.S., the company behind the .CO domain. "The Super Bowl is unlike any other broadcast event in the world. We get to share our message with more than a hundred million people during a program where many tune in especially for the commercials. So what will we do? We're going to inspire people to seize the moment -- to actually launch their big ideas online!"

Go Daddy, the world's leading Web hosting and domain name provider, has certainly delivered historically when it comes to Super Bowl campaigns. Go Daddy's Super Bowl resume includes records for Share of Voice, highly sought-after in the PR battles, and Internet traffic spikes, a bonanza for any business.

"Partnering with the dot-CO domain is a great fit for Go Daddy, especially considering we share the same goal of helping small businesses leverage the power of the Internet," said Go Daddy CMO Barb Rechterman.  "Domain names and websites are part of the mainstream vernacular now and there's no better place to tell a story than in a Super Bowl commercial."
The story-telling for the 2013 .CO ad will revolve around how easy it is to create your own business online and use the Internet to grow it quickly. The commercial is being shot in Los Angeles in early January and was developed by the Deutsch NY team.

The Go Daddy, .CO partnership has proven successful in two previous years. Last year's "Body Paint" Super Bowl ad drove significant traffic to the website. In 2011, .CO garnered massive attention as iconic comedienne Joan Rivers was revealed as the "surprise" new Go Daddy .CO Girl. That commercial triggered a record-breaking 466 percent increase in domain name registrations within 15 minutes of airing.

The Super Bowl 2013 will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2013 in New Orleans. Super Bowl Ads for Geeks will again offer full coverage about the Super Bowl Ads ahead and during the Super Bowl XLVII. The first big news is that Kate Upton will star in the Mercedes Super Bowl 2013 Ad.

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Until Game day, which will bring the new 2013 Super Bowl Ads you can check out the Super Bowl 2012 Ads.


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