Dunder Mifflin Super Bowl 2013 Ad is Getting Crowd-sourced

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dunder Mifflin, the company from the TV Show The Office is also a real-world company selling office supplies like copy paper. Dunder Mifflin is now prepping a Super Bowl ad sourced from the crowd that will run though only on local TV in Scranton, PA.

The winners of the Super Bowl ad competition will get $15k. So this is a neat little thing for The Office fans. I am pretty sure the Dunder Mifflin Super Bowl 2013 ad will make it online and we can see it too, not just the people in Scranton.

You can enter the Dunder Mifflin Super Bowl Ad competition on Tongal. Via Mashable.

The Super Bowl 2013 will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2013 in New Orleans. Super Bowl Ads for Geeks will again offer full coverage about the Super Bowl Ads ahead and during the Super Bowl XLVII. See all confirmed Super Bowl 2013 Advertisers and the latest Super Bowl 2013 Ads announcements.

Until Game day, which will bring the new 2013 Super Bowl Ads you can check out the Super Bowl 2012 Ads.


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