Who will be the NFL MVP this season?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Super Bowl VLXIII odds and predictions are becoming hot topics, with only less than two weeks left for the National Football League season. The big game is fast approaching on February 2, 2014, at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Fans probably already have their NFL Most Valuable Player choices. 

Officials reassure public on handling snow during Super Bowl XLVIII

Amid all the piles of snow in the MetLife Station in New Rutherford, Super Bowl XLVIII official reassures fans, players and the stakeholders that they are prepared for the expected snowy weather for the upcoming big game on the 2nd day of February next year.

Jones, Bisciotti, Mara are most popular NFL owners

Jerry Jones, Steve Bisciotti, and John Mara are the NFL owners that players and employees love to work for the most. Since there are only less than two weeks left for the NFL season and Super Bowl XLVIII is fast approaching on February 2, 2014, it would be great to know which NFL owners are the most popular.

Seahawks is Vegas sports book’s new favorite

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Las Vegas Hotel & Casino sports book list Seattle Seahawks as their favorite for the Super Bowl XLVIII.

This is the first time since midsummer LVH did not list Denver Broncos as their favorite.

The Seahawks has 3 - 2 odds while Broncos are coming in at the second spot with 5 - 2 odds.

Super Bowl halftime performer Bruno Mars is Billboard’s Artist of the Year

Bruno Mars being named Billboard’s Artist of the Year makes him an even better pick to perform for the half time of the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2, 2014. The great action will be held at the MetLife Stadium East Rutherford New Jersey.

2014 Super Bowl Car Commercials

Monday, December 16, 2013

Major brands of auto manufacturers usually release a series of new car commercials. These big car players save up their best ad for the Super Bowl, the biggest television event of the year where over a hundred million people will be watching. Just two months before the big game on February 2, 2014, Fox network has announced that the ads for the game have already been sold out. Each ad would cost advertisers up to $4 million for every 30-second spot. Yes, there is a big chunk of people from the game’s fans that makes it a tradition to anticipate what commercials will be shown during the game at MetLife Stadium, New Jersey. But the question itself, is a four-million-dollar worth advertisement slot worth it? Does it really help with the sales of whatever new car that certain company is promoting?

Alternatives to tailgating at the 2014 Super Bowl

Lounge chairs, buffet tables, kegs, and grills won’t be allowed in the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey for the upcoming Super Bowl on February 2, 2014, since tailgating has been prohibited. The Game’s committee president Al Kelly said, people can have their food and drinks in their cars or in their parking space boundaries. He also warned violators that they are “watching closely.” This is a major party pooper, especially for traditionalist fans who can only feel the spirit of the big game through tailgating. According to Kelly these measures are due to a need for larger security perimeters. Security is very important especially with the tragic news about the Boston marathon this year. For fans to cooperate and still have fun tailgating there are actually some alternative events to have parties on February 2.

Super Bowl XLVII prioritizes safety and security

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Security will be tighter, better preparations for the snowy weather, and most meticulous technical preparations on power supply, and these are some of the major priorities of the Super Bowl 2014 preparations.

Super Bowl Weather: From Blackout to Whiteout?

Last year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans plunged into darkness as it experienced a 34-minute blackout. That power failure left players and fans confused as the game was stopped in the third quarter. Millions of viewers in their homes fumbled for the remote as the screens of their TVs, computers, and mobile gadget turned black. It was definitely one of the lows of last year’s game host CBS. This year, the game committee president Al Kelly said people are speculating that there will be snow during the game on February 2, 2013 at the MetLife Stadium, New Jersey. This would ironically mean that the game might go from blackout to whiteout. 

How Technology Advancements boost Super Bowl 2014 viewership to great proportions

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Super Bowl ad spots get higher value every year, because of the viewership that it garners reaching over a hundred million. Fast technology advancements are the main factors for these multitudes of viewership. Last year the big game broadcasted by CBS got 108.41 million viewers, NBC in 2011 got 111.3 million viewers, and Fox this year would definitely get even higher viewership, especially with their New York market. 

Fox broadcast network and Super Bowl 2014

The Fox broadcast network has already sold out the entire Super Bowl ad spots two months before the big game on February 2, 2014. According to media buyers the 30-second slots would cost up to $4 million. The game will be held at East Rutherford, New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium.

Super Bowl 2014 Ad spots sold out with an amazing line up

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Less than two months to go and the Super Bowl 2014 commercial slots are already sold out. The football championship will be held at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey and will be aired live on February 2, 2014. Fox sports sold out the advertisement slots a month earlier than CBS in last year’s game.

The Top Four in Intuit Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

Friday, December 6, 2013

The four finalists for Inuit’s “Small Business Big Game” ad contest are out, and you don’t get to see such a diverse range of businesses grouped together in one place so often. This contest surely represents an independent way to marketing and promotions.It’s obvious that there are no executives pulling the strings when the ad from DairyPoop.com made the cut as one of the final four!

Super Bowl: Top 10 banned TV ads

The Super Bowl 2014 commercials are almost set for the BIG event next year. Although a 30-second spot costs around $4million, this doesn’t always mean that a network is going take money readily.

Super Bowl 2014 Commercials That Marks Changes

Thursday, December 5, 2013

After this year’s Super Bowl, many companies have started to make plans on how they can be one of the Super Bowl 2014 commercials. Although many entries have been submitted already, some of them made it on the roster while there are also those who have been rejected. Of course, there are also old timers who want to change their tactics in order to make their ads more appealing to the consumers.

Initial Roster for the Super Bowl 2014 Ads

The regular NFL season is currently underway, so are the preparations of different brands for the Super Bowl 2014 ads. The commercial staff is creating a complete record of all the advertisers for the upcoming Super Bowl. This includes their innovative plans, the agencies involved as well as their extensions.

The Big Names in the Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

Monday, December 2, 2013

In order to be one of the official Super Bowl 2014 Commercials, a business must have a clever idea in advertising their goods and services. In the case of smaller businesses, some advertising executives have come up with ways to encourage them and take a shot for a free commercial slot during the most anticipated sports/tv event, which is the Super Bowl.

Winning Entries for the Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

The Super Bowl fast approaching and all preparations are being made right after the recent one. As part of this event, big companies get busy with their production in order to win the slot for the Super Bowl 2014 Commercials. As for the smaller ones, it also gives them the chance to showcase their goods, services, etc., as well as the opportunity to improve their business should they win the grand prize in the competition.

Winning the Slot for the Super Bowl 2014 Ads

Sunday, December 1, 2013

While there are millions of companies that would like to take part in one of the most anticipated and biggest sports event in America, the slots for Super Bowl 2014 Adsarelimited. Yes, getting an ad slot for the Super Bowl is really tough and one has to compete with other companies just to get their chance to advertise their goods and services. Nevertheless, this one time opportunity will indeed boost a company’s ranking if they’re lucky enough for the pick.

The Intense Preparation for the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII

Sunday, November 17, 2013

On February 2, 2014 will be the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014. The event will be held at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey where the ticket holders will receive a gift bag which inside is consist of different stuff like lip balm, seat cushion, three pairs of hand and foot warmers, tissues and mufflers. Because Super Bowl 2014 will be held first time in the outdoors, National Football League Vice President Frank Supovitz for the preparation of the game said that they cannot provide a coat for the viewers but they instead encourage them to stay in their seats and enjoy watching the show using the seat cushion inside the gift bag given to them entering the stadium. People were asking if the Super Bowl is for the fans then why is that they held this event outdoors that will cause the viewers to be distracted while watching the show due to the climate. 

The awe-inspiring cheerleaders of Ravens and 49ers in the recent Super Bowl 2013

The preparation of two cheerleading team was in fact a calvary. The battle between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers was not only for the football teams but also for the cheering teams. The battle for the cheerleaders is who has the sexiest cheerleading crew. Despite of their busy hectic personal schedules and matters, the cheerleaders were very focused and sincere to win the game. 

Who will take the 2014 season’s Super bowl perpetual trophy?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Doritos is food manufacturing company that holds annual Super Bowl camp. This year’s Super Bowl camp highlight is the commercial advertisement contest. A contest that is open to all 46 (Mexico, United States, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil, Norway, France, Finland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia, Egypt, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Panama, and Jamaica ) countries where the said brand operates and dispenses products. Consumers are encouraged to join and submit a video entry. The entry is composed of a logical thought: may it be dramatic, humorous, tragic, melodramatic, fantasy, sci-fi, action, horror or even comedy themed commercial advertisement of Doritos chips. The general rule for the contest are: make an advertisement using Doritos chips, catch the of the viewers, gain million views on YouTube, leave a crisp and unique clutch to the audience to buy Doritos, tell about the chips and most of all impress the executives and the entertainment staffs of Doritos Company that would elevate your entry a favor. 

Super Bowl’s Blackout: Who’s to Blame?

The blackout happened recently on Super Bowl 2013 last September is still questionable. The Entergy Storm Center, that provides power for all the regions of New Orleans, said that there were no interruptions happened during the game. This statement gives curiosity to the viewers. The game was delayed in the third quarter due to power failure. Even Mercedez-Benz Superdome was never interrupted by the blackout. Who is responsible for the blackout scenario during the bloody football game? Officials said that the power failure was due to the Superdome’s facility that caused the Superdome on its 34 minute darkness. During the lights were off, Superdome crews were rolling here and there to put the problem in control. Correspondent Armen Keteyian said that when the lights went off they are in places they have never been and seen things they’ve never seen before. Crews are doing their best to cover up the situation. One thing for sure is that the crew never forgets their responsibilities in a situation like that. Viewers who witnessed the blackout thought that the game might end if they can’t solve the problem. However, some of the viewers were having conclusions of the scenario. Viewers said that there must be something fishy happening out there. What they meant was that the opportunity to cheat and make the game bias. 

Prognosticating the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XLVIII

“The MVP Award goes to…” the statement that will give a frozen feeling to the viewers. The MVP Award is annually presented to the chosen player from a different team players of American Football. The voting will be from the panel which composes of 16 writers of American Football and a fan. The chosen MVP should gain 80% votes from the panel and 20% votes from the viewers. The votes can be done through the internet or by cellular phones. The hailed MVP will be exhibited by the SPORT magazine. Since 1967, where the first Super Bowl was held, there has been 42 MVP Award handed to the players. The first two Super Bowl MVP award was given to Bart Starr. The most recent Super Bowl XLVII MVP award was Joe Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens. The only player who has won the three consecutive MVP award is Joe Montana. They apparently have the same name. While other players like Charley Haley also won the Most Championship awards as a player from Super Bowl XXIII, XXIV, XXVII, XXVII, and XXX. Ken Norton Jr. won the Most Consecutive Championship as a player award from the Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII, and XXIX. Ray Lewis, from the Baltimore Ravens, won the Most Time between Championships as a player for 12 seasons. 

Who will be the next ad to be at the spot of the most expensive commercial airtime of the year?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The most marvelous and extravagant event of 2014 continues causing people’s heart beats to stop. Every challenge has to conquer. Super Bowl 2014 will show us the greatness and braveness of different countries, selling Doritos chips, representing their own piece of commercial ad. Have you ever wondered what genres will they portray? Will exceed the expectation of the public? Who will win? Well, let’s keep our eye for who will win the Super Bowl 2014 commercial ad challenge.

All Time Super Bowl Halftime Show Performances

The grand Super Bowl halftime show is the most awaited halftime of the event. It is where the best performers of all time show off their enormous talent to the world. Aside from the Commercial advertisement airtime, Halftime show performance is also being served. Many performers like the late King of Pop Michael Jackson perform at the Super Bowl that gives an overjoyed feeling to the audience. Watching him will surely complete the day of those who watch his performance. Combining his angelic voice and graceful moves, King of Pop Michael Jackson never fails to make his audience cry while watching him perform. Every performance he made will mark to the minds of people. Being the genius in the music industry, he never stops making songs for humanity. Celebrities like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Whitney Houston who sang the National Anthem at the SuperBowl 1991, Britney Spears, Boy band like NSYNC, Aerosmith, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Nicky Minaj, Bruno Mars, etc.

Super Bowl: Perfectly Unleashing the Best in Life

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Bowl 2014 --- Another inhibit respiration event opened by Doritos in partnership with Pepsi company that is now being promoted all over the countries across the globe in which it gives an adrenaline rush to every business who wish to join the competition. The said competition is open to all 45 countries whose selling the Doritos chips. The competition has different categories and one of it is the digital category in which participants should entail great creativity of doing a film that will put them on the edge to be in the finals. Each of the participants is required to submit a very high with good quality commercial ad and might be aggregated to 15,000 entries and only those 20 participants are chosen to continue the votes. The small business Big game is also part of the competition in which they will forward the winner to be aired on the 2nd day of February 2014.

Crash the Super bowl one shot big time challenge

“Who will take this year’s Crash Super Bowl contest $ 1 million pot prize?”---- The ultimate thought that might run in a person’s mind asking about the Super Bowl contest. But actually who will win this year’s contest? And who will rake $1 million USD all the way home? To predict or to asses winner’s characteristics, let’s start from the very root of this competition with a question “When did Doritos Company started or originated the Super Bowl competition.

Tips on making a competitive entry on Crash the Super Bowl

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crash the Super Bowl contest is one of the most prestigious event Doritos has ever organized. Strict mechanics and in consonance with the general information provided must be observed. This kind of competition is quite different among all companies holding a competition, because this time Doritos Company established an annual commercial advertisement using their product—Doritos chips. Everyone from 46 countries where Doritos chips are distributed is allowed and eligible to enter the said competition. The video clip must range at exactly 30 seconds no more, no less.

Crash the super bowl funny fillings

2014 Doritos Super Bowl is still on going with its video commercial advertisement contest. And lots of more entries are approaching and devouring the site to impress viewers and executives of Doritos. The Super Bowl contest is a battle of the best of the best. Exposing an arena where talented artists and logicians who created various kinds of ideas are embodied uniqueness in marketing Doritos chips. This contest would only last until February 3, 2014 which winners will be announced after subsequent eliminations during 2013. The video clip will only last 30 seconds and must contain crazy or genius content which is relevant in the society nowadays. 

Checking the 2014 Crash the super bowl probable finalists

The deliberation of the top 15 entries will be on November 24, 2013. These semi-finalists will be given the chance to whack again the big screen and be voted once for an open opportunity to complete the 5 slots for finals. Searching on the advertisement website of Doritos, there were lots of 30 second-fault provoking videos that would entertain you even just for a while. Embodied by different themes like drama, horror, suspense, love story, humor, fun, amazing actions, sci-fi, practical, friendly jokes and etc. that would cleave you from your own seat.

Get ready to Crash this year’s Doritos Super bowl Contest

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Crash the super bowl”- The brilliant tagline that would serve as the golden fleece of the voyage. On October 10, 2013 Doritos opened the Super Bowl in partnership with Pepsi Company and is now active to promote the contest all over and across the globe through media and telecommunication. A digital, physical and creative contest open to all 45 countries selling of the said chips will have the opportunity to win the prize. There are different categories: like film festival that is under the digital contest category, where the superior level of creativity is an edge for them to advance to finals. Each participant is required to submit an entry of a high quality commercial ad that would be included in the aggregate 15,000 entries and only top 20 will be chosen to continue for voting.  And also the pre-part of the Super Bowl is the Small Business Big Game contest in which the entry of the winner will be forwarded and be aired on February 2, 2014 during the Super Bowl. However this Small Business Big Game contest is a competition that reaches out small manufacturers creating a visual presentation on how their milestone becomes a success.

Fantastic Entries crashed Dorito’s 2014 Super bowl Contest

Friday, November 8, 2013

Doritos is food manufacturing company that holds annual super bowl camp. This year’s Super Bowl camp highlight is the commercial advertisement contest. A contest that is open to all 46 (Mexico, United States, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil, Norway, France, Finland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia, Egypt, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Panama, and Jamaica) countries where the said brand operates and dispenses products. Consumers are encouraged to join and submit a video entry. The entry is composed of a logical thought: may it be dramatic, humorous, tragic, melodramatic, fantasy, sci-fi, action, horror or even comedy themed commercial advertisement of Doritos chips. The general rule for the contest are: make an advertisement using Doritos chips, catch the of the viewers, gain million views on YouTube, leave a crisp and unique clutch to the audience to buy Doritos, tell about the chips and most of all impress the executives and the entertainment staffs of Doritos Company that would elevate your entry a favor.

New Girl Will Air After Super Bowl 2014

Monday, May 13, 2013

Super Bowl 2014 (Super Bowl XLVIII) is still a long time away, but FOX has already decided according to The Hollywood Reporter, that the series New Girl will have the honor to air after the Super Bowl XLVIII game.

This slot is used to gain new audiences for a show as still millions of Super Bowl fans stay glued to the TV after the game broadcast.

This Was Super Bowl 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Super Bowl 2013 is over and we have published everything there is to know about Super Bowl 2013 Ads on Super Bowl Ads for Geeks and on I4U News.

Thank you very much for visiting our Super Bowl Ads coverage and come back next year!

Watch all Super Bowl 2013 Ads Online

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Super Bowl 2013 is over. The Ravens have won and Joe Flacco is MVP of Superbowl 2013.

The other stars of the Super Bowl 2013 have been the Superbowl commercials.

Watch now all Super Bowl 2013 Ads online in our complete Super Bowl 2013 Ad Video Gallery.

There are too many must-see Super Bowl 2013 ads to list them all. The crowd-pleasers so far including the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl 2013 Ad (Won 2013 USA Today Ad Meter).
Other noteworthy Superbowl 2013 ads include spots from RAM Trucks, Kia, Go Daddy, Toyota and Doritos.

Watch all 2013 Super Bowl Commercials Now.
(over 60 ads)

Coke Turns Tables on Super Bowl 2013 Chase Ad Being Called Racist

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Coca-Cola has just released a funny video response to the whole racist controversy we reported about that got a lot of attention last week. An Arab-American group says that depicting an Arab walking through the desert with a camel is racist. Additionally the Arabs are not in the race between the Badlanders, Show Girls and Cowboys. Now Coke put the Arab in the race. His name is Vincent de Fairweather, the 1920s silent film star of "The Kalaharian." It turns out he had a cooler of Coke from craft service all along.
Coke even set up a Tumbler page for Vincent de Fairweather.
This is a very funny move from Coca-Cola. Watch the Coke Chase - The Last Laugh video below. The voting for the ending of the Coke Chase Super Bowl 2013 Ad is still open.

Super Bowl 2013 Live Online Video Streaming is Free

Super Bowl Sunday has finally arrived. The Super Bowl 2013 is bringing again a huge line-up of high profile Super Bowl ads that are the most entertaining ads you will see all year. If you are not close to a TV, you still can watch the Super Bowl 2013 live and see all the Super Bowl ads. The NFL is streaming the Super Bowl 2013 live online once again.
Last year more than 2 million watched the Super Bowl online in the United States. The live stream is only available again in the US, leaving international Super Bowl fans stuck with local TV broadcasts.

Super Bowl 2013 will be broadcast on CBS with fans able to access the live stream from NFL.com and CBSSports.com. NBC’s postseason games – the Wild Card Saturday doubleheader and the Pro Bowl – will be broadcast on NBC as well as streamed live on NFL.com and NBCSports.com.

Skechers GoRun 2 Super Bowl 2013 Ad with Cheetah Race is Online

Super Bowl Sunday has finally arrived. The Super Bowl 2013 is bringing again a huge line-up of high profile Super Bowl ads that are the most entertaining ads you will see all year. Now the Skechers Super Bowl 2013 Ad has been released ahead of the kick-off. Last year Skechers had a cute little dog named Mr. Quiggly star in their Super Bowl Ad. The year before it was Kim Kardashian. Skechers sadly sticks to the animal theme. There is though a good reason to stick to animals. The Skechers Super Bowl ad ranked #3 in the USA Today Ad Meter ranking.
The Skechers Super Bowl 2013 ad has a guy wearing GOrun 2 shoes catching up to a Cheetah. Watch what happens in the Skechers Super Bowl 2013 ad below.

ETrade Super Bowl 2013 Ad with Talking Baby is Here

Super Bowl Sunday has finally arrived. The Super Bowl 2013 is bringing again a huge line-up of high profile Super Bowl ads that are the most entertaining ads you will see all year. The ETrade talking baby is back. Watch the new ETrade Baby Superbowl spot below. It is titled "Saving Money." This time the baby has some ideas on how you can spend money you might loose through fees on him.

Gildan Super Bowl 2013 Commercial Released

Gildan is known as a big name in the wholesale T-shirt category. Now it is introducing itself as a retail brand and it chose the Super Bowl 2013 to do so. Gildan's $3.8 million investment in its 30-second Super Bowl 2013 ad will run in the big game's third quarter. The Gildan Super Bowl ad is titled "Getaway." The teaser description says: "How far will this man go for his favorite t-shirt?"
You see a guy who wakes up next to a woman in bed in an apparent wild one night stand. the hot woman wears his favorite t-shirt. He cannot leave without it.
Watch the Gildan Super Bowl 2013 ad below to find out.

World War Z Super Bowl 2013 Movie Trailer

Paramount will run a World War Z Super Bowl 2013 Ad tomorrow during the CBS Super Bowl 2013 broadcast. The World War Z Super Bowl 2013 trailer is already released online and you can watch it below. World War Z with Brad Pitt will be in cinemas in June.
Watch the cool World War Z Super Bowl trailer now below.

GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad shows Bar Refaeli Kissing Geek Passionately

Friday, February 1, 2013

Go Daddy has released their second Super Bowl 2013 starring sexy Bar Refaeli, ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio. In the Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad titled Perfect Match - Bar Refaeli's Big Kiss, a nerd gets to kiss Bar Refaeli extensively.

This is the best kiss of all Super Bowl ads in history. You have to watch to believe it. The camera goes close up as Bar Refaeli's lips interlock with the Nerd's lips.

Danica Patrick is commentating the whole scene. Watch the steamy Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad now. It is bound to go viral. Watch the ad below.

Kia Super Bowl Ad HotBots is Online

A new Kia Super Bowl 2013 Ad has just been released and it is sexy and tough. Former Miss USA Alyssa Campanella plays a sexy female booth babe robot that kicks ass.

The Kia HotBots spot is in stark contrast to the amazing super cute Kia Space Babies Super Bowl 2013 Ad.

Kia really has covered the spectrum of Super Bowl ads between Space Babies and HotBots. I give Kia high chances to rank very high this year in the USA Today Admeter with both ads.

Watch the new Kia Super Bowl 2013 Ad titled HotBots now below.

Speed Stick Super Bowl 2013 Ad is Online and Sexy

There are still surprises possible in the Super Bowl 2013 Advertiser line-up. Speed Stick released their Super Bowl 2013 ad online confirming their participation during the Super Bowl broadcast. Earlier we featured the Calvin Klein Super Bowl 2013 Ad teaser. Calvin Klein is also a newcomer to Super Bowl.
Watch the funny Speed Stick Super Bowl 2013 Ad below. It is sexy and funny and plays in a laundry room.

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan star in Samsung Super Bowl 2013 Ad Teaser

Thursday, January 31, 2013

We knew for a while that Samsung will advertise during the Super Bowl broadcast. Today Samsung started the campaign for the Samsung Mobile Super Bowl 2013 ad and they do it in a big way. The hired famous Hollywood actors Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd for the Samsung Super Bowl 2013 Ad.

In the teaser video Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd are called in to pitch their ideas for Samsung's Big Game ad for The Next Big Thing, but they run into some hurdles. Watch the funny bit below. I am already excited to see the final Samsung Super Bowl 2013 Ad. I do not expect Samsung to go directly against the Apple iPhone in the Super Bowl ad. It will be though a funny story given the involvement of Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd.

Calvin Klein Super Bowl 2013 Commercial features Model Matthew Terry

The ladies get a treat again this year during the Super Bowl 2013. A surprise new entry in the Super Bowl 2013 Advertiser list just surfaced. Calvin Klein has released a teaser for the Calvin Klein Concept Super Bowl 2013 ad starring male model Matthew Terry.

Matthew Terry's body is shown from all angles and every muscle is perfectly toned. Calvin Klein Concept is he latest offering from Calvin Klein Underwear that utilizes 360 degrees seamless technology for a new standard in comfort and fit.

Watch the Calvin Klein Super Bowl 2013 Ad teaser below.

Jack in the Box Super Bowl 2013 Ad Released

Burger joint Jack In the Box will air a Super Bowl 2013 Ad in local markets. It is not a nation-wide Super Bowl ad, but it is entertaining and you can watch it now below.

Back in the 80s, Jack rocked the bass in a band called Meat Riot. He also rocked some acid washed jeans. While those days are over, the one hit wonder, Hot Mess, lives on as a burger. Meet the Hot Mess Burger.

Watch the Jack in the Box Super Bowl 2013 Ad below.

Skechers Relaxed Fit Super Bowl 2013 Ad Released

Skechers is in the Super Bowl 2013 with two ads. The Skechers GoRun 2 is right now only online as a teaser (Watch on Super Bowl Ads For Geeks). The second Skechers Super Bowl 2013 Ad just got fully released on the internet.

Two of the greatest 49ers players to ever grace the gridiron are the stars of this Skechers Super Bowl 2013 Ad. Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana and Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott.
Premiering Saturday, February 2 on ESPN2’s College All-Star Challenge, and again on Super Bowl Sunday with an abbreviated spot during the second quarter, the Skechers Relaxed Fit commercial uses humor to showcase how Montana stays cool under pressure wearing Relaxed Fit footwear.

Beck's Super Bowl 2013 Ad Promotes New Sapphire

Anheuser-Busch has again the exclusive and extensive Super Bowl beer commercial line-up. One of the Anheuser-Busch InBev Super Bowl 2013 ads introduces the new Beck's Sapphire beer. The Beck's Sapphire is made with German Sapphire hops.

The Beck's Sapphire Super Bowl 2013 Ad has an animated black goldfish serenading the Beck's to a the famous song by Chet Faker titled No Diggity. Watch the commercial now below.

This SodaStream Super Bowl 2013 Ad Got Banned

Two days ago we reported that the initial SodaStream Super Bowl 2013 Ad got banned by CBS. Now SodaStream has released this commercial online. Watch it below. There is no official reason why this ad was banned. It has clearly though something to do with competitor slamming.

The home soda makers SodaStream are competing with the big soda makers Coca-Cola and Pepsi. SodaStream advertises with the angle that you do not need bottles and cans with SodaStream. Pepsi and Coke would therefore harm the environment. SodaStream is even throwing out a specific number of bottles that could have been saved on Game Day.

I find the ad not particularly outstanding. So it is not a big miss. SodaStream will air another version of an older ad that I assume will not have direct Pepsi and Coca-Cola references.

Lincoln Super Bowl 2013 Ad Teaser Released

The Lincoln Super Bowl 2013 Ad has real life stories that fans tweeted to Jimmy Fallon. The best stories got incorporated in the Lincoln Super Bowl 2013 Ad.

The #SteerTheScript ad is an ambitious social project. Lincoln has now released sneak peek at the final Lincoln Super Bowl 2013 ad.

There are alpacas, ufos, bikers and more, but it feels a bit boring compared to other car super bowl ads.
Watch the preview of the Lincoln Ad below to see for yourself.

Go Daddy Super Bowl 2012 Ad Perfect Match Sneak Peek Released

GoDaddy made a big splash with the announcement of hiring super model Bar Refaeli for a Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad. Today the company released sneak peek of the Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 ad titled a Perfect Match with Bar Refaeli and Danica Patrick.

The first GoDaddy Super Bowl 2013 ad promoting .co is a very different from past GoDaddy ads. It has no skin or any sexual context. It is just plain funny. Watch the ad.

In the sneak peek Bar Refaeli sits next to a nerd representing the sexy side of Go Daddy. The nerd the smart side of Go Daddy. Together they are the perfect match. Watch the teaser video below.

Best Buy Super Bowl 2013 Ad Teaser Revealed

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We had early confirmation that Best Buy will run a Super Bowl ad again this year. The Best Buy Super Bowl 2013 ad stars Amy Poehler.

Amy Poehler had just a big gig co-hosting the Golden Globes. Now she is tasked to sell TVs. By the way the Best Buy Super Bowl TV Sale is now.

Best Buy is supposed to keep the 30 second Super Bowl ad under wraps until the Big Game. By doing that Best Buy risks that their ad will not get noticed as the social buzz is missing. Best Buy tries now to get attention ahead of the Super Bowl 47 with the release of a sneak peek of the final Best Buy Super Bowl 2013 Ad. Watch the teaser below.

Hyundai Super Bowl 2013 Ad for Santa Fe is Online

Hyundai released another Game Day commercial. All in all there are 5 Hyundai Game Day Ads. The Hyundai Super Bowl 2013 Ad titled Team promotes the Hyundai Santa Fe. Team is a 30-second in-game spot running in the first quarter, is a pint-sized ode to the action movie genre.

A unique twist on a classic ‘tables turned’ tale, we follow a young boy as he recruits his own dream team to take on the neighborhood troublemakers. The all-new seven-passenger Santa Fe once again takes an active role helping the young boy and his mom gather a team to step up to the challenge.

Watch the Hyundai Super Bowl 2013 Ad Team below. Watch also the Hyundai Super Bowl 2013 Ad Sonata Turbo and Hyundai Super Bowl 2013 Ad for Genesis.

Super Bowl 2013 Ads

The countdown to the Super Bowl 2013 is entering the final week. In 4 days the Big Game is finally here. The 49ers will play agains the Ravens and big brands will face off with their mega expensive Super Bowl ads. There are already tons of Super Bowl 2013 Ad Teasers online, but now there are also already the first fully released Super Bowl 2013 ads available online ahead of Super Bowl 47.

Watch all 2013 Super Bowl Ads now online on I4U News.

My new favorite Super Bowl 2013 Ad is clearly the Kia Super Bowl 2013 Ad. The Space Babies ad is incorporating everything a Super Bowl ad needs to have. Awesome visuals, cute babies, cute animal babies and a punch line that involves even a feature of the car the ad is supposed to promote.
The Pepsi Next Super Bowl 2013 Ad is also available now online. The Pepsi Next Super Bowl 2013 Ad is a very funny ad that definitely will find its fans.

Watch all 2013 Super Bowl 2013 Ads below.

Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl 2013 Ad with Kate Upton is Released

It is here. The highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl 2013 ad has been released online days ahead of the Super Bowl XLVII. Mercedes managed to generated the most hype with the sexy Kate Upton ad. Will their Super Bowl life up to the hype? Watch the Mercedes Super Bowl 2013 Ad below to find out.

The story of the Mercedes commercial is about the old make a deal with the devil and you get everything. The ad visualizes the dreams of a young man owning a Mercedes CLA. It involves red carpet appearance with Kate Upton, dancing with Usher and magazine covers. The problem for the devil is that the young man can afford the CLA with his own money.

The Mercedes Superbowl spot stars Kate Upton, Usher and Willem Defoe, who plays the devil. Watch the Merceds-Benz Super Bowl 2013 Ad in the extended version now below.

Amazing Kia Super Bowl Ad Space Babies is Online

The Kia Super Bowl 2013 Ad is again debuting in full length in movie theaters - at least this is what Kia said initially. Now though the full Kia Space Babies Super Bowl 2013 Ad is already online. Watch the amazing ad below. It tells a great story where babies come from.
The 60-second Kia Super Bowl 2013 Ad titled Space Babies is for the redesigned 2014 Sorento CUV.

Set to air in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLVII and directed by Jake Scott, Space Babies reveals the existence of a faraway planet known as Babylandia and follows infant boys, girls, dogs, pandas and more on their journey to Earth to join their new families. After taking it all in, the curious child begins to offer an alternative theory passed on by a friend but his quick-thinking father calls upon UVO’s voice-activated jukebox feature to hurriedly change the subject and survive another day in the adventures of parenthood.

Besides dogs, babies are a very popular Super Bowl ad ingredient. Kia's Super Bowl 2013 Ad will go viral - i am sure of it. There are not only a human babies, but lots of super cute animal babies too. The group is eye watering cute.

Hyundai Genesis SuperBowl 2013 Ad Released

Hyundai already released a must see Super Bowl 2013 Ad with the Hyundai Sonata Turbo Super Bowl 2013 Ad.

The 30-second spot, “Excited,” airs during the pre-game show with a voiceover any true sports driving enthusiast will recognize.

The commercial features a 429-horsepower, 8-speed Genesis R-Spec racing around a track as the dramatic play-by-play is voiced by the eminently passionate sportscaster, Gus Johnson. Watch the fast paced Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl 2013 Ad below.

Pepsi Super Bowl 2013 Ad Promoting Pepsi Next is Online

Pepsi has a big presence at the Super Bowl 2013 with sponsoring the Beyonce Super Bowl 2013 Half-time Show. Besides that the soda brand is also airing Super Bowl ads. Here is the Pepsi Next Super Bowl 2013 Ad.

In this Super Bowl ad we see parents coming home to find their house filled with foam and hundreds of people dancing. Their son Brandon quickly distracts his angry parents from the party with Pepsi Next. A guy duct taped to the ceiling? A unicorn DJ? A jock pouring milk over his own head?

 The real cola taste of Pepsi Next successfully overshadows the mayhem and destruction happening all over their property. Watch the funny and intense Pepsi Next commercial now below.

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