Top 5 Viral Super Bowl 2012 Ads

Friday, February 3, 2012

There are only 2 days left until the Super Bowl 2012 takes place on Sunday, February 5. The time is running out for Super Bowl advertisers to build up the social momentum for their expensive commercials ahead of the Super Bowl XLVI.

Most Super Bowl advertisers have by now kicked off their social campaigns around the Super Bowl ads. After our first snapshot a  couple days ago it is time to take another look at the Super Bowl commercials that are generating the most buzz ahead of the Big Game.

Things have changed quite a bit as Volkswagen's initial viral success with the teaser video The Bark Side is not translating into views for the actual Volkswagen Super Bowl 2012 Ad.

As reported Volkswagen has outsmarted the competition again this year with a very early release of a teaser video for the actual Volkswagen Super Bowl 2012 Ad. Like last year Volkswagen was able to generate the most buzz online. The Bark Side video has now already over 11 million views.
The dog chorus barking a Star Wars theme has continues the Volkswagen Super Bowl success story from last year, where the early release of the ad titled "The Force" generated over 13 million views before it aired during the Super Bowl.

Volkswagen released their actual Super Bowl Ad on February 1. The view count on Youtube is now at 1.8 million. This sounds not that bad, but compared to almost 10 million views that the Honda Super Bowl 2012 and the Acura Super Bowl 2012 have now, it is really a disappointment for Volkswagen.
The most viral Super Bowl 2012 Ad as of now is from Honda. The Japanese car maker landed a surprise hit with the release of a 10 second teaser video late last week featuring Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller. Honda released an extended version of the Super Bowl commercial featuring Matthew Broderick titled "Matthew's Day Off".  Within 24 hours the Honda ad reached already over 2.5 million views. Now the view count on Youtube is at 9.66 million.
The first 10 second teaser reached so far over 5 million. Combined views are almost 15 million.

Honda owned Acura is right behind the Honda CR-V ad with 9.62 million views. The Acura Super Bowl 2012 Ad stars Jerry Seinfeld and he is hilarious in it.

Before the Volkswagen Super Bowl 2012 Ad ranks Audi. The 5th most viral Super Bowl 2012 Ad so far is the Chevy Super Bowl 2012 Ad titled Happy Grad.

Watch the hottest and most viral Super Bowl 2012 Ads below.

Top 5 Viral Super Bowl 2012 Ads:

The Super Bowl 2012 is taking place in Indianapolis on February 5th, 2012. Watch already the first fully released Super Bowl 2012 Commercials online. Super Bowl Ads for Geeks is covering everything there is to know (Super Bowl 2012 Facts) about the Super Bowl 2012 Ads and more, leading up to the big game. The coverage on Super Bowl Ads for Geeks extends our famous Super Bowl for Geeks Guide on I4U News. See who the 2012 Super Bowl Advertisers are.


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