Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

All the Super Bowl 2012 Ads are published online. Now it is time to find out the best Super Bowl 2012 commercials. We have selected our Top 10 Super Bowl 2012 Ads based on entertainment value and idea.

As our selection of the top 10 Super Bowl ads is very diverse, we are not ranking them. All ten commercials are great and worthwhile watching.

Watch the Top 10 2012 Super Bowl Ads now below.

Top 10 Super Bowl 2012 Ads
(last updated: 02/06/12)
  1. Acura Super Bowl 2012 Ad
  2. Bud Light Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Rescue Dog Weego
  3. Chevy Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Happy Grad
  4. Chevy Silverado Super Bowl 2012 Ad - 2012
  5. Honda Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Matthew's Day Off
  6. Hyundai Super Bowl 2012 Ad - All for One
  7. Kia Super Bowl 2012 Ad
  8. M&M's Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Just my Shell
  9. NBC The Voice Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Vocal Kombat
  10. Toyota Super Bowl 2012 Ad - It's Reinventing

The Super Bowl 2012 Ads are here. See our constantly updated 2012 Super Bowl Advertiser list to find out who is advertising during the Super Bowl XLVI.

The Super Bowl 2012 is taking place in Indianapolis on February 5th, 2012. Super Bowl Ads for Geeks is covering everything there is to know about the Super Bowl 2012 Ads and more, leading up to the big game. The coverage on Super Bowl Ads for Geeks extends our famous Super Bowl for Geeks Guide on I4U News. 


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