The Geekiest Super Bowl 2012 Ads

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Like in the past years we covered again the Super Bowl Ads for our geek minded audience. Now that the 46th Super Bowl is history it is time to look at the best Super Bowl ads.
According to USA Today Ad Meter the best 2012 Super Bowl Ad is the Doritos Super Bowl Ad Man's Best Friend.

Well, we do not think so. See our top 5 Super Bowl 2012 Ads for Geeks below.

Top 5 Super Bowl 2012 Ads for Geeks:

Acura Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Transactions
Jerry Seinfeld is just hilarious in the Acura ad and all web extras Acura released. It is not high up in Super Bowl rankings, because Seinfeld is not for everybody.

2) Kia Super Bowl 2012 Ad

Lot's of geeks are man. Adriana Lima, rhino riding, what else do you want.

3) Toyota Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Reinvented

A sofa made out of bikini babes? Nice.

4) Bud Light Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Rescue Dog Weego

Can you really train a dog to bring beer?

5) Samsung Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Thing Called Love

Samsung vs. Apple - Fight! and Geeks can't dance.
Bonus: The Chevy Super Bowl Ad Joy and Chevy Super Bowl Ad Aliens are very funny for geek minded people, but ran outside of the Super Bowl game coverage.

The Super Ads are Here. Watch all released Super Bowl 2012 Ads Now!
The Giants won the Super Bowl 2012. Now the Super Bowl 2012 Ads battle for rankings and lasting impact.  I4U News is featuring again the Super Bowl for Geeks Guide. Of course the Super Bowl 2012 for Geeks Guide is all about the Super Bowl Commercials and not the game. Watch all 2012 Super Bowl Ads in our Super Bowl Ad Video Gallery or Mobile Super Bowl Ad Video Viewer.
For even more Super Bowl 2012 Ads coverage visit our new Super Bowl Ads Blog.


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