Doritos Super Bowl 2012 Ads win Both USA Today Ad Meter Rankings

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The USA TODAY Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter 2012 winner has been announced and Doritos Super Bowl Ad "Sling Baby" came out on top for 2012. The ad features a grandmother who creates a way to sling her grandson – with a rubber band-like setup - across the yard to grab a Doritos bag from a taunting boy.

The Facebook community rated the Doritos Super Bowl ad Sling Baby a 4.33 (on a scale of 1 to 5 stars). Doritos has now to pay $1 million to the creators of the Sling Baby Ad.

Doritos has already awarded $1 million to the creator of the other Doritos Super Bowl 2012 Ad that won the traditional, panel based USA Today Ad Meter that was unveiled on Monday.

It is quite astonishing that Doritos took both top spots of the USA Today Ad Meters. It also worth noting that the Man's Best Friend ad did not make it into the top 5 of the Facebook USA Today Ad Meter.

The Doritos Crash the Super Bowl ad competition again sourced the best Super Bowl Ads again. Doritos has already won several times since the first Crash the Super Bowl open ad competition.
Watch the top 5 Super Bowl 2012 Ad of both USA Today Ad Meter 2012 Rankings below.

The top five USA TODAY Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter 2012: 

  1. Doritos – Sling Baby – 4.33
  2. Bud Light – Weego – 4.25
  3. Kia – A Dream Car. For Real Life. – 4.23*
  4. Chrysler – It's Halftime In America – 4.23*
  5. M&Ms – Ms. Brown/Just My Shell– 4.22
* In the event of a ratings tie, higher rank goes to the ad that received the larger number of votes.

The USA TODAY Facebook Super Bowl Ad meter voting was open to Facebook's more than 800 million global users. Facebook users could view, rate and share all the national ads that aired during the game.  Voting began right after the first ad aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday night and continued until 6:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday.
Watch the Doritos Sling Baby Super Bowl Ad below.

The Top 5 USA Today Ad Meter 2012:
  1. Doritos – Sling Baby – 8.48
  2. M&Ms – Ms. Brown – 8.47
The USA Today Ad Meter 2012 uses a panel of select households across the nation to come up with the Super Bowl Ad ranking.


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