The Dogs of Super Bowl 2012 Ads: Weego, Bolt and Mr. Quiggly

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dogs have been a favorite with Super Bowl advertisers over the years. In the 2012 Super Bowl Ad line-up three dogs are on the start. Volkswagen early on featured a whole chorus of dogs in their Super Bowl ad teaser with the title "The Bark Side." It was a huge viral success, confirming how well dogs perform at the Super Bowl.

Check out the dogs featured in Super Bowl 2012 Ads below.

The Dogs of Super Bowl 2012:


Volkswagen features a dog named Bolt in his quest to loose weight and catch up with a new Beetle and be better than this Darth Vader kid. Watch Bolt in the fully released Volkswagen Super Bowl 2012 Ad.

Bud Light brings out Weego, a real rescue dog. He does a special trick if you say "Here We Go." The Bud Light Weego Super Bowl ad has not been released yet. Watch the two Bud Light Super Bowl 2012 Weego teasers: Teaser 1, Teaser 2.

Mr. Quiggly:
The Skechers Super Bowl 2012 Ad traded Kim Kardashian against a french bulldog named Mr. Quiggly. Mr. Quiggly races a bunch of Greyhounds and wins because he wears sneakers. Watch the full released Skechers Super Bowl 2012 Ad to see Mr. Quiggly run.

The Super Bowl 2012 is today and we provide live coverage of the Super Bowl Ads. Watch the fully released Super Bowl 2012 Commercials online now. Super Bowl Ads for Geeks is covering everything there is to know (Super Bowl 2012 Facts) about the Super Bowl 2012 Ads and more, leading up to the big game. The coverage on Super Bowl Ads for Geeks extends our famous Super Bowl for Geeks Guide on I4U News. See who the 2012 Super Bowl Advertisers are.


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