Chevy Super Bowl Music Video with OK Go Needing/Getting Details

Friday, February 3, 2012

Chevrolet is going big on Super Bowl Sunday with five new Super Bowl 2012 ads, including a first-of-its-kind music video with the new Sonic subcompact and the band OK Go.

“The Sonic and OK Go partnership is the perfect match-up of an innovative small car with a band known for its unique videos and musical interpretations,” said Ewanick. “The Sonic was built to be fun to drive and the ‘Needing/Getting’ music video highlights its agility, power, and spaciousness.”
In the music video, the four members of OK Go are shown in a specially equipped Sonic, driving through a race course lined with musical instruments and other homemade sound-generating objects.  The car is used to play the instruments along the route with devices attached to the body panels, as well as to the wheels and tires.  The sounds generated along the course make up the music in the song.

“We always strive to find a new path with our music and our videos, so it’s really great to partner with a company like Chevrolet that is willing to push boundaries to connect with their audience, too,” said Damian Kulash, Jr., lead vocalist for OK Go. “They gave us free reign to indulge our deep-seated stunt driving fantasies and we’re thrilled that they liked the results enough to incorporate our video into their Super Bowl plans.”

“Needing Getting”  is a preview of a first-of-its-kind music video from the band OK Go that will air during the Super Bowl 2012 pre-game program.  The band members are shown driving the new Sonic on a musical racecourse to produce the sounds that make up their new song. The music video will debut simultaneously on NBC and

“OK Go Needing/Getting Teaser”, scheduled to air as a 30-second spot during Super Bowl 2012 post-game programming, showcases segments of the “Needing/Getting” music video.

Below you can watch the current teasers of the OK Go Chevy Sonic Needing/Getting Music video.

The Super Bowl 2012 is taking place in Indianapolis on Sunday, February 5th, 2012. Watch already the first fully released Super Bowl 2012 Commercials online.
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