Acura Super Bowl 2012 Ad breaks Online Ad Views Record of Volkswagen

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Acura Super Bowl 2012 Commercial has been viewed on Youtube by over 14 million people. This is one million more views than the Volkswagen Super Bowl ad from last year had. "The Force" is not with Volkswagen this year as their Super Bowl 2012 commercial has only reached 3.6 million views.

At the end of January, Volkswagen was still ahead in the online Super Bowl ads battle like last year with the release of the teaser video The Bark Side that went immediately viral and has now over 11 million views.

Volkswagen's initial viral success with the teaser video The Bark Side is not translating into views for the actual Volkswagen Super Bowl 2012 Ad.
Honda is the new winner of the online Super Bowl Ads wars of 2012.

The Japanese car maker landed a surprise hit with the release of a 10 second teaser video late last week featuring Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller. Honda released an extended version of the Super Bowl commercial featuring Matthew Broderick titled "Matthew's Day Off" that has now over 11 million views.
But that is not even the winning Super Bowl Ad for Honda.

Honda owned Acura comes out on top with over 14 million views with the Acura Super Bowl 2012 Ad titled "Transactions."  This is one million more views than the Volkswagen Super Bowl 2011 had before the broadcast of the Super Bowl game.

In the Acura commercial, Jerry Seinfeld tries to negotiate a deal to be the first to own the unreleased 2014 Acura NSX. He is using props and characters from his classic comedy show Seinfeld including the Soup Nazi, Last living Munchkin and more. For me the Jerry Seinfeld Super Bowl Commercial is the best ad of Super Bowl XLVI. Jerry Seinfeld is what the Mini Darth Vader was in 2011.
Do not miss the Acura Web Extras. Jerry Seinfeld is hilarious in every one of these skids.

Watch the top 5 most viral Super Bowl 2012 Ads before the Big Game below.

Top 5 Viral Super Bowl 2012 Ads:

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