Super Bowl Ads get Mocked in New NMA Animated Video

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taiwanese Next Media Animation (NMA), known for their crude 3D animations of news and rumors has taken on Super Bowl Ads in a new video that has just been released.
The NMA 3D animated bits are now coming with English language voice over.

In the video NMA explains how to make a viral Super Bowl Ad highlighting all the stereotypes of Super Bowl Ads. Take a baby, a dog and some sexy models and you are done. They also make fun of the Volkswagen Star Wars themed ads as well as Betty White.

An NMA video takes about 3 hours to produce, which is really cool to keep the cost down to make funny animated videos like this one.
NMA also dramatizes the Super Bowl 2012 game with depicting the battle between New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Watch that video also below.

The Super Bowl 2012 is taking place in Indianapolis on February 5th, 2012. Just like last year, I4U News will be featuring again the Super Bowl for Geeks Guide. Of course the Super Bowl 2011 for Geeks Guide will be all about the Super Bowl Commercials and not the game. The first Super Bowl 2012 Ads videos are already online. For even more Super Bowl 2012 Ads coverage visit our new Super Bowl Ads Blog.


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