Shazam App is essential for Super Bowl 2012 Ads

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shazam is the cool app that recognizes songs based on just listening to a short sample. Shazam is available on all major mobile platforms. In case you never used Shazam, it is really amazing. You just hold your iPhone to the radio and it tells you after a couple of seconds how the song is called that is currently playing. Of course Shazam offers you right there to buy the song. According to Adweek, Shazam has now fully expanded its recognition to commercials. Almost one third of all Super Bowl 2012 Ads will be recognized by Shazam and unlock additional content.

Shazam will link you to additional videos, special offers and giveaways. It has not been revealed yet which Super Bowl 2012 ads are Shazam enabled. This information will be latest revealed on February 2nd, when the Super Bowl advertiser emborgo is lifted.

So get your iPhone or Android phone ready with for the Super Bowl 2012 and download Shazam now.


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