New HomeAway TV Ad debuted at Golden Globes, after Super Bowl 2011 Debacle

Monday, January 16, 2012

For the record, I think the HomeAway Super Bowl 2011 Ad was funny. You can watch it below. What happened though after the airing on Super Bowl Sunday was a massive backlash from people that did not like the baby doll crashing against the window.

AllThingsD reports that HomeAway debuted a new Ad campaign at the Golden Globes that HomeAway launched a new TV ad campaign that is not controversial and more family oriented   - meaning: It is boring.  You can watch the new HomeAway ad also below. HomeAway will not advertise at the Super Bowl 2012, but these companies are.

The Super Bowl 2012 is taking place in Indianapolis on February 5th, 2012. Super Bowl Ads for Geeks is covering everything there is to know about the Super Bowl 2012 Ads and more, leading up to the big game. The coverage on Super Bowl Ads for Geeks extends our famous Super Bowl for Geeks Guide on I4U News. Bonus: Watch all Super Bowl 2011 Ads.


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