Emmy Nominated Composer Silas Hite talks about Making the Music for the Chevy Game Time App Super Bowl Commercial

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We had the chance to talk to Silas Hite, an Emmy nominated composer working in Los Angeles. He made the music for several famous commercials including the long running Apple campaign Mac vs. PC.

This year Mr. Silas Hite composed the music for the GM Super Bowl commercial promoting the Chevy Game Time App.

As reported, GM created the Chevy Game Time app for the Super Bowl XLVI that gives you a chance to win one of 20 Chevy cars among tons of other prices from Papa John's, Sirius XM, Bridgestone, Motorola, and NFLShop.com. The App runs on smartphones and tablets and is asking live trivia questions during the Super Bowl game on Sunday, February 5. The App also supplies you with  real-time data and about the Super Bowl game.

Mr. Hite thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your Super Bowl Ad. How did you create the music for the Chevy Game Time App commercial?

"For this project I was working with ConspiracyMFX, a music house in Hollywood, and they passed along the creative direction and suggestions from the ad agency as far as how they thought music should relate to the picture.
I wrote quite a few different tracks actually, approaching it from many different angles. Some serious, some lighthearted, some with electronic instruments and some with acoustic instruments, etc.  The graphics in the spot are really incredible and I knew that whatever the music ended up sounding like, those moving graphics need to be accentuated.  It the end the music punctuates the visuals, is light hearted but a bit mischievous, and has a memorable melody that stays out of the way of the voice over.  That's generally a recipe for success in commercial music."

The Chevy Game Time App commercial is your first Super Bowl commercial. What does this mean for you?

"Writing music for a Super Bowl ad is a milestone for any commercial composer.  The Super Bowl has 100 million viewers, that's 200 million ears!"

What have been the highlights of the commercials your work on so far?

"My first commercial campaign was Burger King's "Subservient Chicken".  It was very twisted and dark humor. I won a Cannes Cyber Golden Lion for that.
Probably my biggest success was the massive Apple "Mac vs. PC" campaign that played on TV and in every Apple store around the world for years.
One of my favorites spots was a campaign starring George Clooney directed by Robert Rodriguez.  It only aired in Europe, but it was beautiful."

For more information about Silas Hite, visit his Web siteFacebook and follow him on Twitter.

Watch the Chevy Game Time App Ad below and pay attention to the music.

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