Super Bowl 2013 Live Online Stream to be Available Again

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The NFL has announced to stream the Super Bowl 2013 live again online. Last year more than 2 million have watched the Super Bowl online.

Super Bowl 2013 will be broadcast on CBS with fans able to access the live stream from and NBC’s postseason games – the Wild Card Saturday doubleheader and the Pro Bowl – will be broadcast on NBC as well as streamed live on and

The live coverage from, and will come from CBS’ and NBC’s TV coverage of the games.  Complementing that stream will be a number of extra features to enrich the viewing experience including additional camera angles, in-game highlights, live statistics and other interactive elements.

Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad for .co Has Danica Patrick

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For the third year in a row, Go Daddy is teaming up with the .CO domain to create a 2013 Super Bowl commercial aimed at anyone who has ever thought about starting their own business.

The 30-second Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 ad featuring Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick, but that's about all either company is revealing about the commercial at this point.
.CO is one of the fastest-growing domain name extensions on the Internet and is a commonly referenced abbreviation for 'company.'
Like Go Daddy, .CO is intently focused on helping small businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams online.

"It's a fun story to tell, the trick is to do it in thirty seconds," said Juan Diego Calle, CEO and Founder of .CO Internet S.A.S., the company behind the .CO domain. "The Super Bowl is unlike any other broadcast event in the world. We get to share our message with more than a hundred million people during a program where many tune in especially for the commercials. So what will we do? We're going to inspire people to seize the moment -- to actually launch their big ideas online!"

Go Daddy, the world's leading Web hosting and domain name provider, has certainly delivered historically when it comes to Super Bowl campaigns. Go Daddy's Super Bowl resume includes records for Share of Voice, highly sought-after in the PR battles, and Internet traffic spikes, a bonanza for any business.

MillerCoors Redd's Super Bowl 2013 Ad run on Local TV Stations

MillerCoors slips into the Super Bowl 2013 via local TV ads promoting the new Redd's Apple Ale.

MillerCoors cannot buy national Super Bowl ad time because Anheuser-Busch InBev has exclusive beer advertising rights for the Super Bowl.

That is why we just see Super Bowl ads for Anheuser-Busch InBev beer brands like Budweiser, Heineken and Stella Artois.

Volkswagen Super Bowl 2013 Ad Has its Work Cut Out

Volkswagen ruled the Super Bowl car ads the last two years. In 2011 the pint-sized Darth Vader was a mega hit. Last year the VW Dogs Strike Back Ad had also a Star Wars theme and worked well, but did not beat the Darth Vader kid.

Volkswagen officially announced yesterday that they will run a 60 second Super Bowl ad during the Super Bowl 2013 broadcast.
This will be the fourth consecutive year as Super Bowl advertiser for Volkswagen.

Oreo Super Bowl 2013 Ad has Kate Upton too?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oreo will run a Super Bowl ad as part of the 100 year anniversary according to Adweek. As reported US model of the moment, Kate Upton will be staring in the Mercedes Super Bowl 2013 commercial.
Today i spotted a photo of Kate Upton posing with an guy in an Oreo cookie costume in behind the scenes photos from a secret photo shoot in the Antarctic.
Kate Upton was there to shoot for Sports Illustrated according to TMZ.

Why is she then posing with an Oreo Cookie? See the photos. It is hard to make out if there is a video camera on the photos. It could be the photos are just a gimmick or indeed part of an Oreo campaign and maybe the Oreo Super Bowl 2013 ad has something to do with it.

Axe Super Bowl 2013 Ad is titled Lifeguard

Axe will for the first time advertise at the Super Bowl. The Axe Super Bowl 2013 ad is titled Lifeguard according Brand Channel.
Axe had funny and sexy TV commercials in the past. This raises hopes that the Axe Super Bowl 2013 ad will be great.
Axe is supposed to launch something extraordinary in 2013 and they use the Super Bowl 2013 to promote it.

The 30 second Axe Super Bowl ad will have a twist at the end.

Watch the Axe Susan Glenn commercial with Kiefer Sutherland below.

See all confirmed 2013 Super Bowl Advertisers.

Fast & Furious 6 Super Bowl 2013 Ad Trailer Coming

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Fast & Furious 6 trailer will debut during the Super Bowl 2013. Vin Diesel himself revealed this on his Facebook page last month.

The Fast & Furious 6 Super Bowl 2013 ad trailer is likely to be one of the most anticipated movie trailers that will be shown during the Super Bowl XLVII broadcast on CBS on February 6.

Fast & Furious 6 is directed by Justin Lin and star besides Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez. and Luke Evans. The movie will be in theaters on May 24, 2013.

Doritos Super Bowl 2013 A Entries are Up for Voting

The Doritos Crash The Super Bowl 2013 competition has closed a couple weeks ago already. All submitted ads are up for voting right now. The five finalist Doritos Super Bowl 2013 ads will be announced on or after January 2nd, 2013.

Doritos also features a special vote for the Nacho Average Ad award for special categories including Best Pint-sized Performer and Sweetest 'Stache.

The winning Doritos Super Bowl ad will air on the Super Bowl 2013 and win not just $1 Million but also a gig with Hollywood director Michael Bay on Transformers 4.

Gildan Super Bowl 2013 Ad Coming

Friday, December 14, 2012

Gildan Activewear will debut as Super Bowl advertiser in the Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday February 3rd, 2013.
Gildan is yet another new entry in the league of Super Bowl advertisers for the upcoming Super Bowl.

We have already reported about SodaStream and Lincoln, who are also first time Super Bowl advertisers. At $3.7m (30s spot) advertising during the Super Bowl broadcast is not a small decision. This amount does not include production and the ever more important social campaign that Super Bowl ads need these days.

Super Bowl 2013 Advertiser Listed

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Super Bowl 2013 is on February 3, 2013. We still do not know which teams will play on Super Bowl Sunday, but the line-up of Super Bowl 2013 Advertisers is already materializing. 


Watch now all Super Bowl 2013 Ads Online.

We have already reported on Super Bowl Ads for Geeks about the official announcements of Super Bowl XLVII Ads and here you find the complete list of who is advertising during the Super Bowl 2013.

There are many familiar companies that keep advertising year after year at the Super Bowl despite the higher cost of about $3.7 million CBS is charging for Super Bowl 2013 30 seconds ad slots. 

The list of 2013 Super Bowl advertisers has already some new names with SodaStream and The Lincoln Motor Company. 

Pepsi Super Bowl 2013 Ad will Star Beyonce

Pepsi signed a mega deal with Beyonce. Beyonce will star in the new upcoming "Live for Now” global TV commercial, currently planned for release in early 2013.
The Pepsi Beyonce marketing deal is supposed to be worth $50 million.

Pepsi already worked with Beyonce in 2002. Now they go all the way and you will see Beyonce everywhere you see a Pepsi can.

Beyonce will be big at the Super Bowl as she will perform the Super Bowl 2013 Half-time show, which, you guessed it, is sponsored by Pepsi.
Beyonce will also likely star in the Pepsi Super Bowl 2013 commercial(s).

Watch the Pepsi Next Super Bowl 2013 Ad.

SodaStream Super Bowl 2013 Commercial is already in a Controversy

SodaStream will advertise for the first time at the Super Bowl 2013. The SodaStream Super Bowl 2013 ad is already involved in a controversy in the UK.

The current SodaStream TV commercial is banned in the UK. SodaStream will show a revised version of this ad (watch below) on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd.

This SodaStream is banned in the UK by censors because quote: "The ad could be seen to tell people not to go to supermarkets and buy soft drinks, instead help to save the environment by buying a SodaStream. We thought it was denigration of the bottled drinks market."

Lincoln Motor Company Super Bowl 2013 Ad Coming

Lincoln will for the first time advertise at the Super Bowl 2013. Lincoln is relaunching its branding with The Lincoln Motor Company name. This is the original name from the 1920s.

“The new Lincoln brand will be defined by great new luxury vehicles, such as the new MKZ, that feature quality, unique style with substance and innovative technology. These elements, coupled with a new level of warm, personal and surprising experiences, will enable Lincoln to appeal to today’s new luxury customer.” said Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally.

USA Today Super Bowl 2013 Ad Meter will include Online Votes

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Super Bowl 2013 will have again tons of great commercials, but only the best make it under the top 10 of the prestigious USA Today Ad Meter.

According to Ad Age, USA Today will make some big changes for the USA Today Ad Meter 2013.

For the first time online votes will count for the official Ad Meter ranking. Viewers can sign up for an account and there is no limit on how many people can vote for the best Super Bowl 2013 ads

Kate Upton will Sex Up Super Bowl 2013 in Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This just in. Kate Upton will star in the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl 2013 Commercial.

Kate Upton has dominated the model headlines over the last months and it looks like she is set to be really, really big in 2013. Last year Victoria's Secret super model Adriana Lima dominated the Super Bowl ads.

It could be that the model most talked about in the Super Bowl 2013 will be Kate Upton.

Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 Ads come from Agency Deutsch NY

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Go Daddy announced today their Super Bowl 2013 Ad plans. For the first time since its controversial 2005 debut, Go Daddy is producing its new Super Bowl commercials with the help of an ad agency. Go Daddy officially signed the New York Office of Deutsch Inc. as its agency-of-record this week. Now, Deutsch NY is working to produce two 30s Super Bowl Ads for the world's largest Web hosting provider's 2013 Super Bowl campaign.

The challenge is to create memorable, innovative ads that reflect the world-class Go Daddy customer experience and have the level of impact Go Daddy's past Super Bowl commercials have enjoyed.

NFL confirms Beyonce Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beyonce will be performing the Super Bowl 2013 halftime show.
The rumors are true. The NFL has tweeted a Super Bowl promo photo of Beyonce confirming the halftime show. Beyonce has Feb 3 and 2013 painted on her pretty face.

The Super Bowl 2013 halftime show will be sponsored by Pepsi.

Beyonce performs Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beyonce is performing the Super Bowl 2013 Halftime show according to a source of AP (Via ABC News).
The Super Bowl 2013 is still several months away, but we already know that the Super Bowl 2013 halftime show act will be awesome. According to MTV the official announcement comes from Beyonce tomorrow.
Beyonce Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show is confirmed.

The Super Bowl 2013 (Super Bowl XLVII) will take place on February 3rd in New Orleans. I4U News and our Super Bowl Ads For Geeks Site will again provide detailed coverage of the awesome Super Bowl 2013 Ads.

When is Super Bowl 2013?

Monday, October 1, 2012

When is Super Bowl 2013? The Super Bowl XLVII will take place on February 3, 2013 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.
New Orleans has to change the Mardi Gras schedule to accommodate the Super Bowl XLVII.

CBS will air the Super Bowl 2013 and 30 second Super Bowl Ad slots are supposed to sell for $4 million.

The new 2013 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Ad competition is going to open for submission already next week.

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2013 signed Michael Bay

This is big. Doritos managed to get famous Transformer director Michael Bay to support the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2013 competition.

This year, if you make a Doritos Super Bowl ad you might see it air on the Super Bowl 2013 and win not just $1 Million but also a gig with Hollywood director Michael Bay on Transformers 4.

Doritos is also betting big on Facebook for the Super Bowl 2013. The Crash the Super Bowl site is now completely hosted on Facebook and is a Facebook app.

Doritos Super Bowl 2012 Ads win Both USA Today Ad Meter Rankings

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The USA TODAY Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter 2012 winner has been announced and Doritos Super Bowl Ad "Sling Baby" came out on top for 2012. The ad features a grandmother who creates a way to sling her grandson – with a rubber band-like setup - across the yard to grab a Doritos bag from a taunting boy.

The Facebook community rated the Doritos Super Bowl ad Sling Baby a 4.33 (on a scale of 1 to 5 stars). Doritos has now to pay $1 million to the creators of the Sling Baby Ad.

Doritos has already awarded $1 million to the creator of the other Doritos Super Bowl 2012 Ad that won the traditional, panel based USA Today Ad Meter that was unveiled on Monday.

The Geekiest Super Bowl 2012 Ads

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Like in the past years we covered again the Super Bowl Ads for our geek minded audience. Now that the 46th Super Bowl is history it is time to look at the best Super Bowl ads.
According to USA Today Ad Meter the best 2012 Super Bowl Ad is the Doritos Super Bowl Ad Man's Best Friend.

Well, we do not think so. See our top 5 Super Bowl 2012 Ads for Geeks below.

Best Celebrities in Super Bowl 2012 Ads

If I am not mistaken then the star power in the 2012 Super Bowl ad line-up is bigger than ever. Super Bowl Ads for Geeks tracked 34 Celebrities who appeared in the Super Bowl ads yesterday. We have selected the top 5 celebrity performances in 2012 Super Bowl Ads. The surprise appearance of Betty White in the NBC Super Bowl commercial promoting the Voice tops our list. Betty White also nailed it in her memorable 2010 Super Bowl appearance in the Snickers Super Bowl commercial.

Jerry Seinfeld is bringing back Seinfeld in the Acura ad, which is hilarious. Matthew Broderick brings back the 80s with his Ferris Bueller scenes in the Honda Ad. Clint Eastwood says what America has to do now in the unconventional Chrysler Super Bowl 2012 ad. Last but not least, Adriana Lima delivers a super sexy performance in the Teleflora Super Bowl 2012 commercial.

MIA's Middle Finger trumps Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Giants won 21 to 17 against the Patriots in the Super Bowl 2012. This what people talk about interested in the sport. The rest appears to just talk about M.I.A. obscene gesture during the Super Bowl 2012 Halftime show performed by Madonna.

British singer M.I.A. was a guest performer for the new Madonna single Give Me All Your Luvin'. At the end of her bit, she put her middle finger up - uh nasty. NBC had to take the blame for it, because their delay system did not catch it.

The thing gets blown out of proportion, but on the other hand lots of kids watch the Super Bowl.

Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2012

All the Super Bowl 2012 Ads are published online. Now it is time to find out the best Super Bowl 2012 commercials. We have selected our Top 10 Super Bowl 2012 Ads based on entertainment value and idea.

As our selection of the top 10 Super Bowl ads is very diverse, we are not ranking them. All ten commercials are great and worthwhile watching.

Watch the Top 10 2012 Super Bowl Ads now below.

Watch the 2012 Super Bowl Movie Trailers

The Super Bowl is a favorite platform of Hollywood to promote the biggest movie releases of the year. There have been though only a handful of movie trailers along with other Super Bowl ads during the Super Bowl 2012.

Last year we counted 15 Super Bowl movie trailers.

Watch all six Super Bowl 2012 Movie Trailers below. All of them are exciting to watch.

The Funniest Super Bowl Ads of 2012

The Super Bowl XLVI is history and it was also historic. The Giants won, Madonna delivered a stunning Halftime Show and the Super Bowl Ad line-up was excellent and very entertaining.

We have selected for you here the funniest 2012 Super Bowl commercials. Humor is a fixture in Super Bow advertising. The most sophisticated humor ad is clearly the Acura Super Bowl 2012 Ad with Jerry Seinfeld. The ad is full of references to the classic Seinfeld show.

Find below the funniest Super Bowl 2012 Ads.

Watch All Super Bowl 2012 Ads Online Now

The Super Bowl 2012 is over and the New York Giants won. This is the big story in sports, but the big topic today at the water cooler are the Super Bowl commercials.

Our 2012 Super Bowl Ad Gallery features 64 Super Bowl ads that you can watch now online on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Throughout today we are featuring Super Bowl ad rankings and Super Bowl Ad collections like the Sexiest Super Bowl 2012 Ads or the Adriana Lima Ad collection. We will point you to the funniest and best Super Bowl Ads as well as to the worst.

Check back throughout today to see our latest Super Bowl Ad analysis and features.

Battleship Super Bowl 2012 Movie Trailer

Battleship Super Bowl TV Spot 2012

Chase QuickPay Super Bowl 2012 Ad

Football (Chase QuickPay)

Time Warner Cable Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Enjoy Better Anthem

Time Warner Cable  - Enjoy Better Anthem

Bud Light Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Welcome to Halftime

Bud Light - Welcome to Halftime

Bud Light Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Rescue Dog Weego

Bud Light - Rescue Dog

Budweiser Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Return of the King

Budweiser - Return of the King

NFL Fantasy Super Bowl 2012 Ad

NFL Fantasy Million Dollar

Act of Valor Super Bowl 2012 Movie Trailer


Swamp People Super Bowl 2012 Ad

Swamp People Super Bowl Ad

Samsung Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Thing Called Love

Samsung Mobile USA - Thing Called Love

Fiat Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Fiat 500 Abrath Seduction

FIAT 500 Abarth - 2012 Super Bowl Commercial - Seduction

NFL Super Bowl 2012 Ad - NFL Timeline

NFL Timeline

Bridgestone Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Performance Basketball

Bridgestone - Performance Basketball

Budweiser Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Eternal Optimism

Budweiser - Eternal Optimism

Bud Light Platinum Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Work

Bud Light Platinum - Work

Chrysler Super Bowl 2012 Ad - It's Halftime in America

Chrysler Commercial - It's Halftime in America

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Super Bowl 2012 Movie Trailer

G.I. Joe: Retaliation- Official 'Big Game' Spot

Hulu Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Huluboratory

Hulu Plus Super Bowl Commercial - Huluboratory

Doritos Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Sling Baby

Doritos® - Sling Baby -- Crash the Super Bowl 2012 Finalist

The Avengers Super Bowl 2012 Movie Trailer

Marvel - The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

Bridgestone Super Bowl 2012 Ad - Performance Football

Bridgestone - Performance Football

John Carter Super Bowl 2012 Movie Trailer

Disney - John Carter Super Bowl Ad

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