Hyundai Super Bowl 2011 Ad Bonanza brings 5 Ads

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hyundai will be back at the Super Bowl XLVI with five Super Bowl commercials. To be exact, only three of these will run during the big game. Two Hyundai ads will be aired during the pre-game. We are officially only counting Super Bowl Ads that run during the actual Super Bowl game. According to the Associated Press on the NY Times, Hyundai plans a 60 second ad that runs right before kickoff. The other two will air during the first and thirds quarter.

Last year Hyundai ran three Super Bowl ads. Two of them promoted the Elantra and tried to get you to snap out of your compact car perception. The 3rd Hyundai Super Bowl ad features the Sonata Hybrid car. You can watch all three Hyundai Super Bowl commercials below.

Hyundai's "Snap Out of It" campaign addressed years of consumer complacency towards the compact car segment.  Through a series of shorts that parody the history of compact car advertising, Hyundai told the story of the hypnotized consumer mindset, conditioned to purchase compact cars for practicality and reliability, regardless of their uninspired design and limited innovation.

What Hyundai will cook up at the Super Bowl 2012 is not known yet. Chrysler set the bar very high last year with the Eminem commercials. All new Super Bowl 2012 Car commercials will be compared to this epic ad.
You can watch the Hyundai Super Bowl 2011 Ads below.


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